Welcome to the National Qualification in Journalism (NQJ).

The specific aims of this qualification are to ensure that an NQJ-qualified senior journalist will be able to:

  • understand, interpret and correctly apply media law and regulations; working to high ethical standards
  • produce correctly targeted, creative, high-quality stories, features, opinion or analysis; often created at speed
  • use multiple platforms, including social media, for maximum effect in story-telling
  • find and acquire user generated content for the purposes of news and audience opinion
  • take responsibility for ensuring content is factually correct, complies with all legal, regulatory and ethical rules, has a high standard of English, that house style is followed and meets the needs of the target readers
  • work without immediate supervision
  • take senior roles within an organisation to lead teams or manage others
  • develop themselves and others.

The course programme is divided into seven sections. You complete the course in section order beginning with the first section: National Qualification in Journalism Introduction before moving onto Gathering and writing the story and so on.  Management is the final section.

This programme will also explain each of the final assessments including what is required to complete the e-logbook. It will provide you with the necessary advanced journalistic skills and knowledge to prepare you for the practical skills-based online exam, the Big News Story and the online Media Law and Ethics in Practice exam.
You can mark your progress by checking off these icons: on the left-hand side of the course.

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National Qualification in Journalism: An introduction

This first section introduces the NQJ qualification and assessment.  It will also help you familiarise yourself with the structure of this course.  You should complete this section before attempting the others.

Average estimated time: 100 hours (includes on-the-job hours compiling your logbook)

Gathering and writing the story

This section looks at the foundations of all great journalism, research, development and writing.

Average estimated time: 15 hours

Media law and ethics 1

This is the first of two sections on Media Law and Ethics. You should complete this section before attempting part two.

Average estimated time: 30 hours

Taking stills and video

This section focuses on the skills needed to take photographs and create video content for print and online.

Average estimated time: 10 hours

Media law and ethics 2

This is our second section on Media Law and Ethics. You should not complete this section before tackling Media Law and Ethics 1.

Average estimated time: 10 hours

Data Journalism

Data journalism skills are highly sought-after. This section considers what you need to know to report data in an accessible way that is accurate and fair.

Average estimated time: 20 hours


The NQJ should prepare you for your first steps in management. The unit explores key management behaviours and skills.

Average estimated time: 5 hours